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The House of Life

Monday, June 28, 2010

PIAGAM 2010 SMK Telaga, Pitas

Salam moci-moci,

From June 22nd-26th 2010, I think these three words "exciting, wonderful & exhausted" can be used to express our feeling starting from begining towards the end of the "Novice Teacher Interaction" Program 2010 which been held in SMK Telaga. This program aimed to enable teacher trainees from all local universities to explore and experience the real and natural life as a teacher in the remote area in Sabah.

Consist of four lecturers and 18 students, my team reached at SMK Telaga about 2pm after almost 5 hours traveling on the road. Upon arrival, the school committee for the PIAGAM and his team had been waiting with a big smile. Stay with adopt family in the kampong might be the best part of the program. Since the first day until the end of the progam, all participants were so excited engaging in all activities, highly motivated and cohesive.

Nontheless, the school committee and the community of kg Telaga should be given two thumbs up in terms of their cooperation and involment. Outstanding............

Dr Khalid Johari UMS - Chief
Dr Azizi MD Noor - USIM
Mrs Doria Islamiah Rosli - UTHM
Ms Norul Huda - UTM

Md Nasir Sudin
Khairul Amri Ibrahim
Lee Eng Chuan
Za'im Hj Mahmud
Noormina Abd Kasim

Ahmad Ghufran Md Rusdi

Abd Rahim Mohamad

Azizi Johari

Md Kamilfaiz Md Nor
Nurhidayah Md Nawi

Fadzilah Soofiah Md Akhir

Hufaidah Abd Rahim

Nor Aminah Ibrahim

Alia Hamidi

Alicia S. Awang
Asniah Udin
Hariansyah Alim
JRD S. Sebastian

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  1. Suatu pglman yg Xmungkin dpt dilupakn. Kesusahan & keperitan yg dialami menggamit sy utk menadah tgn mngucapkn syukur kpd Allah S.W.T. di atas nikmat & rahmat yg dikurniakan....